Call Waiting

This service lets you answer a second call while you are using your telephone.

How It Works

A short tone signals that another person is trying to call you when you are on the phone. The incoming caller only hears the usual ringing signal. You can put one call on hold while handling the second call, or alternate between the two.

To Answer The Second Call

  1. If you wish to end the first call, hang up.

  2. Your phone will ring and the second (incoming) caller will be on the line.

  3. If you want to hold the first call while answering the second call, press the switchhook once, firmly (1/2 second), and release it immediately.

  4. You will be connected with the other person on your line. (Use the recall button on Trimline® models.)

Returning To The First Call

To return to the first call, simply press the switchhook once, firmly (1/2 second), and release it immediately. With this method you can switch between the two calls as frequently as you wish.

How To End Either Conversation

After you have finished talking with either caller, hang up. Your phone will ring and when you answer you will be connected with the person remaining on the line.

To Cancel Call Waiting

Turn on Cancel Call Waiting when you're making an important call and talk as long as you want with no interruptions. The Calling party will receive a recorded message that the call cannot be completed. After you finish your call, Call Waiting returns automatically when you hang up the phone. Cancel Call Waiting assures you of uninterrupted phone calls during important conversations, when talking long distance, or when using your personal computer modem.


  1. Listen for a dial tone.

  2. Dial 7 0 #.

  3. Listen for three short tones, followed by a normal dial tone.

  4. Dial a telephone number.

During a Call...

  1. Press the switchhook (the button that hangs up the phone) for one second.

  2. Dial 7 0 #.

  3. A tone will be heard and you will be automatically reconnected to your call.