Mobile Device

How to Set Up goNDTC Email

In order to complete this process, you will need to know your goNDTC email address, username and password.
If you don't know your password, you can call the helpdesk at 1-888-840-6382 for assistance.

If you are setting up your e-mail to be accessed from more than one location (computer, mobile device, etc.) you should consider using IMAP instead of POP e-mail protocol. This will keep your e-mail in sync, no matter what device you are accessing mail from. If you choose IMAP for setting up your mobile device, you will need to change your computer e-mail client to match.


Incoming Mail Server
username {this is your e-mail address, without the }
your e-mail password


Outgoing Mail Server
username {this is your e-mail address, without the}
your e-mail password

**NOTE: Username and Password for Outgoing Mail Servers may show up as *Optional*. For e-mail, these settings are required in order for our mail server to allow you to send mail from your phone. email uses an SSL security certificate. If your email client asks for security type, choose SSL. The ports associated with SSL are:

  • POP3 SSL - 995
  • IMAP SSL - 993
  • SMTP SSL - 587

Some mobile devices default email application will not allow you to choose Authentication for Outgoing Mail Servers. If this is true on your phone, you may need to use a different email application.

Some mobile devices will try to set up your mail automatically by using your e-mail address and password. This will not work, because of the Outgoing Mail Server Authentication requirement. If this happens on your phone, you will need to find the Manual Settings option for e-mail. For each phone, it is located somewhere different, but many times it will show up if you tap your Menu key, while in the e-mail set up.