About Us

“Local Service with a Personal Touch” — it’s what we say and what we believe in. Learn more about your local team here.

Company Overview

North Dakota Telephone Company (NDTC) began operation in 1993 as a multi-faceted telecommunications company headquartered in Devils Lake, North Dakota. Owned by a consortium of three area telephone cooperatives (United Telephone Mutual Aid Cooperative, Langdon, ND; Dakota Central Rural Telephone Cooperative, Carrington, ND; and Polar Communications, Park River, ND), NDTC provides advanced communications services to over 11,000 customers in northeastern North Dakota.

NDTC employs over 60 local individuals, all with a focus to provide quality communications services to our customers at a reasonable price. Every day, we strive to improve the ways you communicate while working to enrich the communities in which we live and work.

Our Core Values



There for You

Be the company everyone can trust and count on.



Doing What's Right

Be honest and committed to upholding a high standard of moral and ethical principles.



Providing for You

Be on the leading edge of technology while exceeding customer expectations and giving back to our communities.



Always Evolving

Be continually improving our network and skill set to meet the future needs of our customers.



Own It

Be responsible for our actions, acknowledge the good and the bad, correct our mistakes and build on successes.



Open Exchange

Be receptive to all views, inform and educate to ensure the company aligns with the needs and expectations of those we serve.

Services & Network

Over the years, NDTC has invested heavily in the electronics and infrastructure necessary to deliver state-of-the-art communication services to our customers. This complex design gives NDTC customers many basic and advanced services from which to choose:

  • unlimited local telephone service
  • long distance telephone service
  • high speed internet access
  • digital TV
  • computer networking, wiring, & maintenance
  • web site hosting
  • surveillance equipment
  • dedicated data circuits and more

NDTC employees

NDTC Community involvment


We stay connected to our customers in many ways, and taking the time to give back to the communities we serve is what sets us apart from our competition. We have a team of over 60 employees who live in the community and are involved in service organizations or volunteer on a regular basis. We sponsor local events and donate to local charities. We host open houses and educational tours. We also partner with local sports leagues by hosting tailgates. Our employees donate non-perishable food and cash for area food banks. Each year NDTC gives 10 - $750 scholarships to graduating seniors to further their education. Money spent with NDTC is invested back into local area schools, community projects, and local events. We are also taking an active part in going green, by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

NDTC Affiliates

NDTC is a member-owner of North Dakota Long Distance (NDLD). Established in 1996, NDLD provides business and residential long distance.

NDTC is also a member-owner of Dakota Carrier Network (DCN). DCN, established in 1996, acts as a “Fort Knox” for network connectivity, support, and monitoring purposes to ensure business continuity and network reliability enhancement. DCN provides Carrier Ethernet, Private Line, Wavelength Services, SS7, Wi-Fi Services and more, to any location in the state of North Dakota.

In 2003, along with its three owner companies, NDTC was fundamental in establishing North Plains Utility Contracting (NPUC). As a utility construction company, NPUC performs much of the underground construction for NDTC as well as other utility companies in the area.

BAND is an organization representing 18 members of North Dakota’s independent telecommunication industry including NDTC. BAND’s focus is on educating our policymakers and the public regarding issues that affect broadband deployment in North Dakota. Together, we are ensuring that North Dakota is the most connected state in the U.S. The availability of high-speed broadband service has become a necessary component of the required infrastructure to operate a business, educate our children, and keep in touch with our friends and family members.

See more videos about BAND on our YouTube channel.

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