Stay connected to your world with our reliable broadband internet that offers lightning-fast speeds from our fiber‑optic network.

Stay Up-to-Date with Managed Wi-Fi

Outdated routers can collect more than dust – they’re also vulnerable to malware, viruses, and other cybersecurity risks. Trade in your old router and receive a new router when you sign up for Managed Wi-Fi!

Dependable Internet
to Meet Your Needs

From streaming and Zoom calls to homework and video games, as we spend more time on the internet, fast speeds and reliable connections have become essential to thrive in our digital world.

At NDTC, our broadband internet services are provided through our state-of-the-art fiber‑optic network, offering speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second to accommodate every laptop, computer, phone, TV, and appliance, and other smart devices in your home.


GIG Certified Provider

Providing the Best

We are proud to be recognized as a Smart Rural Community℠ Gig-Certified provider from the NTCA, known for giving our customers the fastest internet speeds available in the communities we serve.

Internet, television and phone package

Bundle Your Services

To save money on your broadband internet, TV, and phone services, consider combining them into one of our Packages that best suit your needs.


Put Your Home on Autopilot
with Managed Wi‑Fi

Want a first-class, worry-free broadband internet experience? Sign up for Managed Wi‑Fi, a monthly subscription that complements your internet service and allows your Wi‑Fi signals to soar at peak performance. With stronger signals, zero-hassle upgrades, and 24/7 remote support, you can rest assured that your internet will always have blue skies ahead.

For just $3.95 per month, Managed Wi‑Fi includes:

Strong Wireless Signals
Experience strong broadband internet connections through our robust fiber‑optic network with lightning-fast speeds that fit your needs.

No Upfront Router Costs
We provide the router you need for Managed Wi‑Fi at no additional cost to make the process easy and stress-free for you.

Free Upgrades, Repairs, and Replacement
If your equipment is worn out or broken, we will fix or replace it at no cost to get your internet back up and running as soon as possible.

NDTC CommandIQ™ App
Get the mobile app that allows you to set up a guest Wi‑Fi network, monitor devices using your connection, and more.


Remote Support
Our expert staff will access your network from a remote location to fix the issue quickly and efficiently if you experience internet connectivity problems.

Broaden Your Broadband with Mesh‑Enhanced Managed Wi‑Fi

Expand the reach of your broadband internet connection with Mesh‑Enhanced Managed Wi‑Fi. This service complements your Managed Wi‑Fi experience by connecting sleek extenders to your wireless router to maximize the strength of your internet connection throughout your home. Stream video, game, and more at optimal performance for a free‑range internet experience across your entire home for $2.95/month per extender.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our expert team at NDTC today!


The Power of Fiber‑Optic Broadband Internet

To deliver quality broadband services to our customers, we use fiber to the premises (FTTP) technology, a network of durable fiber‑optic cables containing thousands of tiny glass fibers that use light signals instead of electricity.

What does this mean for you? By using fiber‑optic technology instead of traditional copper wires, our customers experience crystal-clear and uninterrupted broadband internet connections. At NDTC, we continue to expand our fiber‑optic network to provide our customers excellent broadband internet, phone, and television services for generations to come.

Internet at Your Speed

FiberZone internet options that fit your needs. Find the best internet speed for your home according to the amount of people in your household and the number of gadgets that you use every day.

Not sure what speed you need? Our Bandwidth Estimator Survey can help!

Card image cap
10 Gig*

The area's fastest speed!

Call for pricing.

Card image cap
2.5 Gig*

Simultaneously keep your devices streaming, downloading and transferring seamlessly.


Card image cap
1 Gig*

Fast speeds to keep all of the devices in your home streaming data without interruption.


Card image cap
500 Mbps*

Suitable for HD streaming, gaming, and more for multiple users and devices.


Card image cap
250 Mbps*

Streaming video, music, and light video gaming.


Receive $20 discount on your internet when you add a phone line.


*Includes upload and download speeds where available.

**Plus applicable taxes and possible equipment charges, depending on your install. A signed agreement is required. If services are discontinued before six months, an early termination fee of $50 will apply. Call for more information.

web hosting

Free Personal Webpage Hosting

Want to create a web page to share updates and information with loved ones? All broadband internet subscribers with NDTC have access to 10 megabytes of online space free of charge for personal use.


GIG Certified Provider